Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Kōwhai Team 2 – Term 1 week 6 ending 16 March 2018

Kia Ora from the Kowhai team.

Week Six is racing by and the learning is taking off in the Kowhai team!

We are halfway through a three week writing rotation about retelling stories. Students are spending a week with each teacher using a different story as a base and working on adding juicy adjectives, strong verbs and similes to their stories. We are thrilled with the quality of work and looking forward to sharing it with you.

Thank you to those who have already signed up for the pathway learning conferences on Monday 19 and Wednesday 21 March.  A reminder that school will be closed from 12.40pm on Monday to accommodate these.
These conferences provide an opportunity for students to share their learning pathways with you and show off the fabulous work they have been doing. We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks for the egg cartons, please keep them trickling in. We are about halfway to being able to plant our garden.

The children are loving Flexi Fridays which we are now combining with the Titoki Team. Students can choose activities in both Kowhai and Titoki spaces. During this time students have the opportunity to be teacher in a student led workshop, this is an opportunity for your child to teach their peers about something they are passionate about or good at.

Some ideas might be: how to make something, sports skills, arts and crafts (bookmarks, cards, head masks, shakers etc) dance routines, baking, origami etc.

The child plans the activity and brings along the materials needed for the workshop (up to 5 children).  Please encourage your child to think of something they would like to take a workshop on.  We can supply basic materials such as scissors, glue and paper but please bring your own resources if extra is required. Your child will bring home a workshop sheet which they will need help filling out – if it is not convenient for your child to run the workshop that week please let us know.

 Our expectation is that each child will complete one workshop throughout the year.

Once again, we are delighted with the great start to the year – thanks for all your help and support. Please feel free to email us with any issues or questions.

Best Wishes
Annette, Lucinda and Natalie

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Kowhai Team 2 - Term 1 week 4 ending 2 March 2018

Kia Ora from the Kowhai team
How quickly the term is racing by. Week four already and we are getting our learning programmes underway in writing, maths and reading. It is awesome to see students becoming more confident in their new routines and watch their learning take off.

The highlight of the last couple of weeks has been our Friday trips to Kelmarna Gardens, our local organic farm.  The children have loved experiencing gardening activities such as planting seeds, weeding, picking veges and making pesto.  Not to mention feeding chickens, cows and Jafa the pony!

Thanks so much to everyone who has accompanied us. Please see the photo show attachment.
Using this experience as a prompt, we have been working on writing a recall of our visit and also a procedure of how to plant a seed.

Enthusiasm is so high that we have decided to take over a couple of the school garden beds. This will be an ongoing activity and involve planting and maintaining a vegetable garden throughout the year.
With that in mind it would be great if you could save a couple of tray egg cartons, to plant our seeds in, over the next couple of weeks. We will let you know when to bring them in. (Please don’t worry if you don’t have any.)

We have developed the shared space between year 1 and 2 into a Play and Learn area where the team are involved in small group problem solving activities with a STEAM focus (Science, Maths, Engineering, Art and Maths). If you have any problem solving activities, games or jigsaws that you are able to donate we would very much appreciate it.

Our inquiry focus this term is the brain. We have learnt about the importance of a growth mindset in our attitudes towards learning and the power of it when we are working hard to achieve difficult tasks. We encourage you to talk to your children about these ideas and have a conversation about perseverance  and resilience.

Once again, we are delighted with the great start to the year, thanks in advance for your support. Please feel free to email us with any issues or questions.

Best Wishes
Annette, Lucinda and Natalie

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Kōwhai Team 2 – Week 2 ending 16 February 2018

Welcome to the first Kōwhai team Blog post for 2018. It was fabulous to see so many of you on Tuesday night at the meet the team evening. Please read the PowerPoint presentation that will be posted alongside this post for details of lasts nights’ discussion.

We have made an incredibly positive start to the year and are so impressed with how quickly everyone is settling into their new routines.

It has been a busy few days in the Kōwhai team with the children creating a team treaty integrating the Bayfield values of Excellence, Responsibility, Respect and Diversity to help them to develop a set of team guidelines for the year. Please ask your children to show you our beautifully decorated Kōwhai Tree and talk through the 10 pledges of our treaty

Thank you for getting the stationery back so promptly, we are starting our ongoing programme next Monday and would appreciate it if we could have all items covered and returned by then.

As we mentioned last night we have the opportunity to visit Kelmarna Gardens this Friday 16 and Friday 23 February.

For those of you who are not familiar, Kelmarna Gardens is the local organic farm that runs between Kelmarna Ave and Bayfield Rd. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience gardening and learn about plants and how they grow.

Please make sure children wear sensible shoes (no jandals), bring a hat and drink bottle.

The children will walk there and back in 3 groups across the day.
Ako Tau – 9.10 – 10.50 (Nat)
Ako Mati – 10.50 – 12.40 (Lucinda/ Michaela)
Wharenui - 1.30 – 2.50 (Annette)

We need 2-3 parent helpers per class please. There is a sign up sheet on the Wharenui window or feel free to email us if you can make it. We will not be going if it is raining.

Once again we are delighted with the great start to the year, thanks in advance for your support. Please feel free to email us with any issues or questions.

Best Wishes
Annette, Lucinda and Natalie

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 4 Week 8 ending 8 December 2017

Wow, what an amazing year we have had. It is hard to believe that this is our last Kowhai newsletter for the year!  Thank you all so much for your support over the year with trips, odd jobs, and for all that you do at home to help with your child’s learning and ensure that they are ready for school each day. We truly appreciate everything!

Swimming lessons have been a huge success so far. The kids have been so fabulous getting ready each day, looking after their things and listening to instructions from us and their instructors. Well done kids.

It would be really helpful if the children could PLEASE bring jandals or sandals for swimming.  Also, could girls with long hair please have it tied up and wear a swimming cap.

Overdue Library Books
The library is now closed and we will not be having any more library sessions.  Some children have overdue books. Could you please help them to search for the books and bring them in. If there are any problems please email Isa our librarian (

Diversity Unit
We had our fabulous Diversity picnic last week. The kids loved it. Thanks again to all of our helpers.
This Friday we have some Bollywood dance instructors coming to teach us some moves. We look forward to posting some photos on Seesaw.

Holiday Reading
It would great if the children could please bring in a book to share for our holiday book club which we will be conducting this Friday 8th December. 

End of Year Organisation
On the final Tuesday of school we will be showing the children a little slideshow of photos from the year. Parents are most welcome to stay and have a look too.

Children will need to bring a strong plastic bag to school on Friday 15th to carry their books home.

Best wishes

Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 4 Week 6 ending 25 November 2017

Our Junior School Athletics day is on this Friday from 9.15 – 10.50. Please feel welcome to join us. There will be a parent and child three legged races at the end of our rotation for anyone who is keen to get involved.
Children will need to bring their hat, a drink bottle, and wear appropriate footwear.

Scooter Safety with Constable Rob
We also have our scooter safety workshops this Friday. If your child has a scooter please could they bring it to school along with their helmet. Constable Rob will have spares for anyone who does not have a scooter however if you have a helmet please bring it along.

We have our swimming lessons starting in week 8. The children’s lessons will take place on 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th of December and the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th December.

Guardian Teacher
Leave School
Return to School

Children will need to bring:
-          Swimming cap
-          Goggles
-          Towel
-          A warm jumper to wear two and from the pool  (NB: children will be changing in and out of their togs at school)
-          Girls with long hair will need to have it tied up

Our lessons go over break times so we will be adjusting our timetable to ensure children get time to eat and time to play.

Jane’s class is still short of parent helpers so please let her know if you are available to help.

Diversity Picnic
On Thursday 30th December we will be having a picnic to celebrate some of the cultures in our class and our Diversity inquiry.  Please feel welcome to join us and keep your fingers crossed for good weather as we hope to eat outside on the field by the hall.

Jane, Sarah & Cathy

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Team 4 - Week 4 ending 10 November 2017

We have been really busy in the Kowhai Team over the past few weeks. Children and teachers have been checking maths learning goals and highlighting next steps so that we can plan workshops to target each child’s next steps. The children have been making some amazing progress!

We have also been working steadily on our Don Binney inspired landscapes. The children have made plans, learned some painting techniques and applied these to their final landscape paintings.  They have also created fabulous birds to overlay on their landscape.  We are looking forward to getting  these finished soon so that we can display them in the classroom for you all to see!

Congratulations to all of the children who have led workshops so far this term. We have had some fabulous workshops and it has been amazing to see the children taking on leadership of their workshop.

Many children enjoy creating things with cardboard boxes during Flexi-Friday. We would love it if you could save up you boxes (just small ones that have been food packaging – please no boxes that have contained nut products) and send them into school for our creative children to use.

Upcoming workshops:
Friday 10th November: Sofia S, Dylan and Cameron
Friday 12th November: Bruno

There are still quite a few children who have not led a workshop this year. Please encourage them to have a go.  It can be anything that they are interested in.

Scooter Safety with Constable Rob
On the 24th November the children will be participating in scooter safety workshops with our community constable. Please send you child to school with a scooter and a helmet on this day. 

·         Children must have a hat at school.  If children don’t have a hat they will have to spend their lunchtimes in the shade.

·         We have sunscreen in class and will encourage children to take responsibility for applying their own sunscreen on sunny afternoons. 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 4 Week 2 ending 27 October 2017

Book bags
We are still finding that there are a lot of children without their book bags each day. Please help your child develop a routine for remembering each day. 

Many children are now enjoying reading chapter books. We encourage children to bring in a chapter book for Reading stamina or to choose one from the library. This book can be kept in their book bag for reading at home and at school.

Upcoming student-led workshops:
Friday 27th October: Rebecca, Noah, Tayj, Serena, Madison
Friday 3rd November: Xavier, Brooklyn, Felix
Friday 10th November: Zaiden, Cameron, Sofia
If your child has a workshop scheduled, can you please make sure they come to school prepared with anything they may need or touch base with a teacher if you require school resources.

Diversity Inquiry
This term our inquiry is focused on Diversity. We would love it if we could get some of our families to come and share special parts of their culture with us. This could be cooking traditional food with the children, sharing traditional stories, showing traditional clothing, or doing arts and crafts. Please let us know if you are interested.  We are planning to share our cultures on either Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.

Book Bonanza
We have been having a fabulous time during Book Bonanza.  The children have loved doing buddy reading with children from other classes, we have attended a fabulous story telling session with ‘Spangle’ and this week we will have activities in class that relate to ‘The World’s Worst Children’ Novel.
Thank you for supporting your children to complete their posters. They look absolutely fabulous! The winners of the poster competition will be announced at assembly in week 3.  On Friday at 12.15 we are having our Book Bonanza Buddy Picnic. Children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character. Please feel welcome to join us and join in the fun.
Please pass on our sincere thanks to all of the grandparents and special visitors that came last Friday. The children really loved showing their visitors around. We were also so grateful for the contributions that people made to our book fair.
Friday 27th November: House day and Book Bonanza Buddy Picnic.
Children need to bring a sunhat to school every day this term please.
Best wishes
Jane, Sarah & Cathy