Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Kowhai Team 2 - Week 10 Term 3 ending 29 September 2017

Thank you all so much for your help with production!  Thank you to our costume makers, our dance ‘consultants’, our make-up artists/dressers, and our chaperones. Also, thank you all for getting your children to school three nights in a row.

If any of you have photos from the production we would love it if you could send them through so that we can put a slide show together for the kids. Please send them to sarahv@bayfield.school.nz.

Next term our inquiry unit focuses on Diversity.  We hope to investigate and celebrate the cultures in our class through music, art and dance and to also find out about different cultural celebrations. In the final weekend of the holidays the Diwali festival is on in Auckland. If families were interested it would be a fabulous thing to visit as a way to kick off our inquiry. We would love to get our families involved. If any of you have would like to come in at some stage and share something special about your families culture please let us know.

Lucinda is having a knee operation in the holidays and will be absent for the first five weeks of term 4 (approximately). Cathy will be covering for Lucinda in her absence.  Good luck Lucinda, we hope you have a speedy recovery.

Many of the children enjoy creating things out of cardboard boxes during flexi-Friday time. It would be really fabulous if families could bring in their boxes so that we can build up this resource.


Book Fair in the library
Bayfield families have been very generous when purchasing books for our school library.  This year we are focusing on building up our guided reading recourses for yr1-4 and chapter books for yr5-6. These are our main resource for teaching reading on a daily basis and we want Bayfield to have the most inspirational selection for our kids. These will be available to view in the
Books are available to be purchased from the library from:
8.15-9.00am and 2.45-3.30pm on the 18th and 19th of October
Grandparent, Friends and Family Day - Friday 20 October from 8.15am—to 12pm.
We will have an eftpos machine in the library to make transactions more convenient.
All books selected will have a slip placed on the inside cover acknowledging the families who donate books. If you are unable to come to school there will be a helper happy to assist your child in selecting a book. Please complete the form below specifying how much you would like to pay for a book.

Grandparent, Friends and Family Day: Friday 20 October
The Book Fair is open from 8.15am in the library. Our Grandparent, Friends and Family Assembly is from 9-10am in the hall. From 10-10.50am grandparents and family members can visit classrooms to read stories with the children. It is also an opportunity to view our learning spaces and the children’s work.
During this time you are welcome to visit the library with your grandchild to chose a book to donate to the library. At 10.50am there will be a Grandparent, Friends and Family morning tea in the hall.
Book Bonanza Buddy Picnic
Families are invited to attend the Book Bonanza Buddy Picnic.  During the week the children will have some buddy reading sessions where older and younger students will be paired. For the Book Buddy Picnic children can dress up as their favourite character if they wish to and bring along their favourite book to read with their buddy.  Families are welcome to come and join us.  Weather permitting the picnic will be held on the top courts at 12.15 on Friday 27th October.
Wishing everyone well for the holidays!
Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 3 Week 8 ending 15 September 2017

Thank you again for your support with production preparation. Just a few reminders:
·         Please send children’s costume items to school in a named bag (not a plastic supermarket bag).
·         Children will need to be at school at 6pm on production nights.
·         If you are not attending the show we anticipate that the children will be able to be collected from the classroom at approximately 7pm. 
·         Children will need to be signed out with the teacher before they leave.

Does anyone have a small red jacket that we could use for one of our costumes? It needs to be a fitted plain jacket rather than a coat.

We have been encouraging the children to complete their goal zone activities by themselves or ask one of the teachers for help if they are finding anything tricky.  We have been finding that if parents have helped children with the tasks in the morning that this is leading to some of the children relying on that help. It then makes it difficult for us to set the tasks at the right level if we don't know that children are finding things tricky. The whole idea of the goal zone activities is for children to be able to achieve them independently during maths time. 

As part of our work in Te Reo we are getting the children to write their Mihi and then practise it. Some of our children are telling us that they identify as Maori but we don’t have any records of their tribal affiliations. If your family has some Maori heritage it would be great if you could let us know so that we can celebrate this in class and help the children to include it in their Mihi.

We still have many children who have not completed a student-led workshop. Our aim is for every child to have had a turn by the end of the year. Workshops can be based around any of the children’s interests: card games, sports, craft… Well done to the children who have already done their workshop. The children who have participated in these workshops have loved it.

Workshop forms have been given out several times over the year and we will send an email to make sure everyone has access to a copy.

The workshops should be an activity that your child can do independently, unless it involves cooking. Parents do not need to be there but it is helpful if you can help organise resources needed. The purpose of the workshops is for your child to experience what it is like to teach their peers and be an expert in an area. It is good for their self-confidence and building relationships in the class.

Week 8
Friday 15 September
Paper planes
Make mini bookmarks
Make an animal mask

Week 9
Friday 22 September

Minion operation
Marshmallow towers

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 3 week 6 ending 1 September

We have started our production practises and the children are doing a great job helping to create moves for our two dances. We have been so lucky to have so many parents offer to help.  Thank you so much!
Please let us know if your child won’t be here for production as this will affect the number of costumes that are made and our organisation for our dancers and actors.
Children will need to get a couple of their own costume items for the production:
Wolfs: plain black leggings and a plain black long sleeved top.
Fans: plain black leggings and a plain black long sleeved top.
Red Riding Hoods: Plain white long sleeve top.

This term we have introduced the Bayfield Gsccopes. These are qualities that we are working on in class to develop and celebrate our motivated learners. The qualities are linked with a sea animal to help them to stick in the children’s heads. These qualities are also things that are great to reinforce at home – making those links between school and home. The Gsccopes are:
Gratitude green turtle
Socially intelligent starfish
Creative Crab
Curious Clown Fish
Optimistic Octopus
Persevering Puffer Fish
Enthusiastic Eel

We have been reading ‘The World’s Worst Children’ in class recently and the kids have been loving it! We have been linking this in with our writing and focusing on writing character descriptions.  Many of the children have been so ‘hooked’ that they have been creating their own ‘World’s Worst Children’ characters during their independent writing as part of the reading rotation. Well done kids!

The New Bayfield Willo Fund
The Willo Fund has been set up by one of Bayfield’s grandfathers, Willo Stear who is embarking on an epic hike, The Eden To Addo Trail, in South Africa beginning on September 1stThis challenging walk is a twenty day guided trail traversing seven mountain ranges, six national parks and nature reserves and five biomes through the East Cape of South Africa’s wildest and most beautiful landscapes.   It is likely Willo and the other hikers will encounter five (‘of the Big 7) animals including buffalo, rhino and elephants.  See     http://edentoaddo.co.za/maps

As part of this walk Willo is seeking sponsorship to establish a fund for special needs students at Bayfield School.  Willo’s wish is that the educational fund we are establishing at Bayfield will be used specifically for special needs children who are not receiving government funding (or only partial funding), and whose parents are not in a financial position to provide the focussed and individualised support they require in order for such children to benefit from a main stream school environment.  The Board of Trustees encourage the Bayfield community to support the fund and help it grow. Donations can be made via the school bank account with ‘Willo Fund’ as the reference.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kowhai Team - Term 3 Week 4 ending 18 August

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the art at the art exhibition. It was amazing for the children to see their own work displayed and to also see the amazing art from other areas of the school.

Well done kids you have been working really hard on Reading Eggs and Mathletics and I am sure that we will see the results coming through in your learning.

We are finding that many of the children are forgetting their book bags and library bags. Please help your child to get into a routine of packing their school bag so that they are ready for the day. We sometimes rely on having the reading book from the previous day back at school to continue with the next day.

We are starting to prepare for production in week 9 (18-22 September).  Please, please, please let us know if your child won’t be there that week.

We have been really lucky to have some dance students from the University of Auckland working with us in class.  It is fabulous to be able to utilise their expertise and enthusiasm and see our kids enjoying themselves in another context.

We still have many children who have not completed a student-led workshop. Our aim is for every child to have had a turn by the end of the year. Workshops can be based around any of the children’s interests: card games, sports, craft… Well done to the children who have already done their workshop. The children who have participated in these workshops have loved it.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kowhai Team Term 3 week 2 ending 4 August

Emailed 1 August
Dear Team 2 Parents
We have lots of illness, viruses and bugs going through the school at the moment. We have 32 children away sick today, 15 of these children are in Team 2!
If your child is showing any signs of sickness (high temp, lethargic, sore throats and/or tummies etc) please do not send them to school.
It would also be appreciated if children who have been sick were not sent back to school before they are back to being 100% healthy.
For those who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s learning conference and need to organise one for Wednesday please contact Linda in the school
office 09-376-5703.
Kind regards Sheryl

Please read the above message from Sheryl carefully. We have had to send children home because they have not fully recovered and this puts other children and staff at risk of picking up viruses. Today we have 28 children away, which is unprecedented – only a few are away for reasons other than illness. We are keen to have everyone back at school healthy and happy so we can get on with our learning.
Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who attended the student conferences this week. We are so proud of the way the children talked about their learning and shared their work.  The feedback the school has received from parents and families has been positive and encouraging. If our Year 2 children can talk about their learning with such understanding and confidence imagine what they will be able to do by Year 6!
It is noticeable that students who regularly complete their Mathletics homework have improved basic fact knowledge and generally make faster progression in their maths. Some students report they prefer Reading Eggs which is great but please ensure that your child is also spending time on Mathletics and completing their maths homework.
Our mini-art exhibition is coming up in week 3 (Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 August). We are excited about the art we have produced last term, especially our Maori kites, taniwha and tikis. We are looking forward to showing off our creative talents.
Parent Help -There is a new roster sheet on the doors for people who would like to help in the classroom. We appreciate any time that people can help by putting away books or helping with groups.
Friday workshops : We have given out another round of workshop forms to be filled in by children who have not run a Friday workshop yet. Can children please return their sheets so we can organise a calendar for this term – so far I only have two workshops planned it would be great to get some more booked in.
4 August
Mia T
Making and decorating gift tags
Making paper diamonds

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 2 - Week 10 ending 7 July

Matariki Kites and Tiki
Thank you so much to the parents who have come in over the last couple of weeks to help with our kites and Tiki. They are looking fabulous. We look forward to having them displayed in class and at the mini art exhibition next term.

Keeping Ourselves Safe Unit (KOS)
In the first few weeks of Term 3 we will be doing the Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) unit. As part of this unit the children will bring home a little booklet with some activities to discuss and complete with you.  These activities are really important for reinforcing the safety messages that we will be discussing in class.

School Production
Next term we will be preparing for our school productions. If you have any expertise in dance, drama or sewing we would love some help. You may be able to help choreograph a dance, organise/sew costumes or support the children who have an acting role.

We have a ‘mountain’ of lost property. Please come and check our lost property box and also the school lost property outside the office before the end of term. At the end of term anything that is left will be donated to charity.

Measurement in mathematics
The children have been learning about measuring the length of objects. They have really enjoyed a range of hands on measuring tasks over the last 5 days. They are learning the language of comparison, about where to start the measuring (leaving no gaps), using non-standard units to measure objects, and we will be moving on to measuring to the nearest centimetre and metre. It is great to see many of the children making connections with what they already know from their measurement experiences at home. Whenever possible it is great to get the kids using their maths in real life contexts.

Flexi-Friday Workshop timetable
Thank you so much for supporting your children to do their workshops this term. We have had some great workshops. It is fabulous to observe the children taking on a leadership role with their peers. The workshop participants have been really lucky to experience some great craft and sporting activities that the children have planned.

Coming up . . .
Friday 28 July : Mischa
From the Kowhai team teachers  we would like to wish you all a fantastic, relaxing holiday.  We would also like to thank the kids for such a fabulous term jam packed with learning and fun.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3 relaxed, rested and ready to go!

Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

Monday, 19 June 2017

Kowhai Team 2 Week 8 ending 23 June

Matariki Kites
Thank you for sending in bits and pieces for our Matariki kites.  If anyone is free on Thursday afternoons @ 1:35pm we would love some helpers for our kite making.

Trip to the Museum
Thank you so much to our Museum parent helpers. The children really enjoyed the trip and our learning from the Matariki session has tied in nicely with our work in Te Reo and our further explorations in class.  The kids had a great day!

This term we have focused on children joining two ideas in compound sentences and adding detail (thoughts, what they can see/feel/hear/taste). This week the children completed an independent writing sample. It was pleasing to see that many of the children have started to do these things in their writing. Well done Kowhai Team!

Flexi-Friday Workshop timetable
Coming up . . .
Friday 30 June : Mischa, Samuel, Seb

This Friday 23 June is a sausage sizzle day – orders need to be placed via Wrap it Up by 9:15am on Friday.  NB:  popcorn is no longer available


Jane, Lucinda & Sarah