Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Kowhai Team - Term 3 Week 4 ending 18 August

I hope you all enjoyed seeing the art at the art exhibition. It was amazing for the children to see their own work displayed and to also see the amazing art from other areas of the school.

Well done kids you have been working really hard on Reading Eggs and Mathletics and I am sure that we will see the results coming through in your learning.

We are finding that many of the children are forgetting their book bags and library bags. Please help your child to get into a routine of packing their school bag so that they are ready for the day. We sometimes rely on having the reading book from the previous day back at school to continue with the next day.

We are starting to prepare for production in week 9 (18-22 September).  Please, please, please let us know if your child won’t be there that week.

We have been really lucky to have some dance students from the University of Auckland working with us in class.  It is fabulous to be able to utilise their expertise and enthusiasm and see our kids enjoying themselves in another context.

We still have many children who have not completed a student-led workshop. Our aim is for every child to have had a turn by the end of the year. Workshops can be based around any of the children’s interests: card games, sports, craft… Well done to the children who have already done their workshop. The children who have participated in these workshops have loved it.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kowhai Team Term 3 week 2 ending 4 August

Emailed 1 August
Dear Team 2 Parents
We have lots of illness, viruses and bugs going through the school at the moment. We have 32 children away sick today, 15 of these children are in Team 2!
If your child is showing any signs of sickness (high temp, lethargic, sore throats and/or tummies etc) please do not send them to school.
It would also be appreciated if children who have been sick were not sent back to school before they are back to being 100% healthy.
For those who couldn’t make it to yesterday’s learning conference and need to organise one for Wednesday please contact Linda in the school
office 09-376-5703.
Kind regards Sheryl

Please read the above message from Sheryl carefully. We have had to send children home because they have not fully recovered and this puts other children and staff at risk of picking up viruses. Today we have 28 children away, which is unprecedented – only a few are away for reasons other than illness. We are keen to have everyone back at school healthy and happy so we can get on with our learning.
Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who attended the student conferences this week. We are so proud of the way the children talked about their learning and shared their work.  The feedback the school has received from parents and families has been positive and encouraging. If our Year 2 children can talk about their learning with such understanding and confidence imagine what they will be able to do by Year 6!
It is noticeable that students who regularly complete their Mathletics homework have improved basic fact knowledge and generally make faster progression in their maths. Some students report they prefer Reading Eggs which is great but please ensure that your child is also spending time on Mathletics and completing their maths homework.
Our mini-art exhibition is coming up in week 3 (Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 August). We are excited about the art we have produced last term, especially our Maori kites, taniwha and tikis. We are looking forward to showing off our creative talents.
Parent Help -There is a new roster sheet on the doors for people who would like to help in the classroom. We appreciate any time that people can help by putting away books or helping with groups.
Friday workshops : We have given out another round of workshop forms to be filled in by children who have not run a Friday workshop yet. Can children please return their sheets so we can organise a calendar for this term – so far I only have two workshops planned it would be great to get some more booked in.
4 August
Mia T
Making and decorating gift tags
Making paper diamonds

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Kowhai Team 2 – Term 2 - Week 10 ending 7 July

Matariki Kites and Tiki
Thank you so much to the parents who have come in over the last couple of weeks to help with our kites and Tiki. They are looking fabulous. We look forward to having them displayed in class and at the mini art exhibition next term.

Keeping Ourselves Safe Unit (KOS)
In the first few weeks of Term 3 we will be doing the Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) unit. As part of this unit the children will bring home a little booklet with some activities to discuss and complete with you.  These activities are really important for reinforcing the safety messages that we will be discussing in class.

School Production
Next term we will be preparing for our school productions. If you have any expertise in dance, drama or sewing we would love some help. You may be able to help choreograph a dance, organise/sew costumes or support the children who have an acting role.

We have a ‘mountain’ of lost property. Please come and check our lost property box and also the school lost property outside the office before the end of term. At the end of term anything that is left will be donated to charity.

Measurement in mathematics
The children have been learning about measuring the length of objects. They have really enjoyed a range of hands on measuring tasks over the last 5 days. They are learning the language of comparison, about where to start the measuring (leaving no gaps), using non-standard units to measure objects, and we will be moving on to measuring to the nearest centimetre and metre. It is great to see many of the children making connections with what they already know from their measurement experiences at home. Whenever possible it is great to get the kids using their maths in real life contexts.

Flexi-Friday Workshop timetable
Thank you so much for supporting your children to do their workshops this term. We have had some great workshops. It is fabulous to observe the children taking on a leadership role with their peers. The workshop participants have been really lucky to experience some great craft and sporting activities that the children have planned.

Coming up . . .
Friday 28 July : Mischa
From the Kowhai team teachers  we would like to wish you all a fantastic, relaxing holiday.  We would also like to thank the kids for such a fabulous term jam packed with learning and fun.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Term 3 relaxed, rested and ready to go!

Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

Monday, 19 June 2017

Kowhai Team 2 Week 8 ending 23 June

Matariki Kites
Thank you for sending in bits and pieces for our Matariki kites.  If anyone is free on Thursday afternoons @ 1:35pm we would love some helpers for our kite making.

Trip to the Museum
Thank you so much to our Museum parent helpers. The children really enjoyed the trip and our learning from the Matariki session has tied in nicely with our work in Te Reo and our further explorations in class.  The kids had a great day!

This term we have focused on children joining two ideas in compound sentences and adding detail (thoughts, what they can see/feel/hear/taste). This week the children completed an independent writing sample. It was pleasing to see that many of the children have started to do these things in their writing. Well done Kowhai Team!

Flexi-Friday Workshop timetable
Coming up . . .
Friday 30 June : Mischa, Samuel, Seb

This Friday 23 June is a sausage sizzle day – orders need to be placed via Wrap it Up by 9:15am on Friday.  NB:  popcorn is no longer available


Jane, Lucinda & Sarah

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Kowhai Team 2 Newsletter - Week 6 ending 9 June

Science Inquiry
We have now started our inquiry ‘Our Place in Space’. We are looking at the impact of the sun, moon and stars on earth and also finding out things about the other planets. We know that some children have a special interest in space. If you have any great books at home the children are welcome to bring them in for sharing (please make sure they are named).

Matariki Kites
Later this term we will be inquiring into Matariki. As part of our exploration we are planning on making kites (manu tukutuku). Over the next few weeks it would be great if the kids could bring in some thin bamboo, toitoi, feathers or small shells in to school to use on their kites. 

Trip to the Museum
We have our trip to the museum today, Thursday 8th. We look forward to sharing some photos and some of the things that we learned at the museum in our next newsletter.

It is starting to get very muddy on the field so we are asking children to remove their shoes before they come into the classroom in order to keep our carpets clean. It would be great if the children can wear shoes that they can get on and off easily and quickly by themselves.
We are also finding that gloves and scarves are a distraction in the classroom. If children wear these items to school they will be asked to keep them in their bag during class time.

Dojo Reward
The Kowhai team have earnt their next reward of a dress up day. The children will be able to come to school dressed up in their favourite costume on Friday the 16th June.

Sausage Sizzle tomorrow Friday 9 June,  Please place orders via Wrap it Up by 9:15am tomorrow morning.

Flexi-Friday Workshop timetable
Coming up . . .
Friday 9 June: Amia, Constance and Aaryan
Friday 16 June: Beatrix, Seb and Mia C
Friday 30 June: Mischa
We still need children to do workshops on Friday 23 June (3 slots) and Friday 30 June (2 slots)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Week 4, Term 2 Newsletter week ending 26 May

Cross country
Thank you for the fabulous support at our Year 1 and 2 Cross country on Monday. We were so proud of the sportsmanship that the children showed – all trying their best and supporting their classmates.
The place getters are as follows:

Constance Mason
Lucas Crawford
Mia Taverna
Bruno Simpson
Rebecca Fraser
George Flatt
Maisie Morrison
Thomas Victor
Ava Plummer
Noah Beagley
Maisie Keelan
Harry Scott
Mia Crosby
Winston Bracewell
Serena Zhang Gavin
Frankie Wallace
Gemma Flaszynski
Alfie McKendry
Beatrix Richardson
Cameron McLay

Matariki Kites
Later this term we will be inquiring into Matariki.  As part of our exploration we are planning on making kites (manu tukutuku).  Over the next few weeks it would be great if the children could bring in some thin bamboo, toi toi, feathers or small shells in to school to use on their kites. 

Trip to the Museum
On Thursday, 8 June we will be going on a trip to the Auckland Museum as part of our Matariki inquiry.  We will leave school at approximately 10am and return at approximately 2.30pm.  
Please email your child’s guardian teacher if you are available to help on the trip and they will confirm with you. The teacher’s emails are: 
Please include your child’s name on the email.

-          At times teachers have meetings in the mornings. Please be aware that children are not to be in the classroom alone before 8.20am.

-          Our library sessions are on Tuesday afternoons for all children. Please make sure that your child brings their library book bag to school and puts it in the box by Tuesday morning. There are a lot of children who aren’t taking library books out because they don’t have their book bag. We have a fantastic library and we need to make the most of it.

-          There are many unclaimed clothes in the lost property in the classroom – it helps if clothes are named so they can be returned quickly. All other clothes will be put with the general lost property.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Week 2 Term 2 Newsletter

Kowhai News, week 2, Term 2

It has been a busy and exciting start to Term 2. The children have really enjoyed the experiments that we have been doing in class. It has been fantastic to hear that many have also re-done the experiments at home. Our new systems that we have put in place for reading and maths are going really well. The children are settled and working really hard. Well done kids! As part of our maths and reading rotations children get opportunities to work on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. We are finding that the children need quite a bit of help to log in and log out. To help with building independence it would be great if they could log in and log out on their own when they are at home.

Our junior school cross-country will be held on Thursday the 18th at approximately 2pm. We are still looking for 5 more parent helpers. Helpers will be used to stand at various points around the cross-country course when the year 1’s are running to help direct ‘traffic’.  When the year 2’s run you will be able to hand the job over to the year 1 parent helpers and come up and cheer the children on. Please sign up on the sheet just inside the door if you can help.

·         - A friendly reminder to help the children to take responsibility for packing their book bags each day, and for bringing them into the classroom.
·      -    Appropriate running shoes for cross-country practise.


Jane, Lucinda & Sarah